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Targeted therapeutic treatment aimed at breaking down muscular tension and remodelling scar tissue.   Great for improving range of movement, aiding circulation, eliminating toxins and recovering from injury.

25 minutes £25 | 55 minutes £50

pre-event sports MASSAGE

A short, stimulating massage, ideal before an event.  It is directed toward the parts of the body that will be involved in the exertion

20 minutes £15

post-event sports MASSAGE

Delivered within a few hours of an event to repair the body's muscles and tissues

25 minutes £25 | 55 minutes £50

relaxation MASSAGE

An ideal treatment if you need to de-stress and relax.   It treats the whole body, concentrating on any areas of tension.   This soothing gentle and slow massage is recommended for sufferers of insomnia and tension headaches, or any one that wants to combat the stresses of daily life.

40 minutes £40 | 55 minutes £50


For Terms and Conditions please contact us.

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